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The entire sculpting process of floral and plant sculptures is completely handmade without gyps casting. Each petal and leave is formed by hands. Moulds and stamps are also made of ceramic and prepared separately for each particular type of botanic floral sculpture. Flowers can be very identical, however it's very complicated to make an exact copy.

Cabbage bowl

Cabbage leaf bowl. Greenware.

Ceramic cabbage

Ceramic cabbage ware. Limoges porcelain. Bisque fired

Ceramic cabbage bowl

Ceramic, porcelain cabbage bowls. French porcelain.

Ceramic lotuses

Black porcelain

Porcelain lotuses

Black porcelain big lotuses

Porcelain wall flowers

Ceramic wall flowers

Ceramic wall flowers

Porcelain wall flowers, working progress

Ceramic wall piece

Porcelain wall flowers, working progress

Porcelain poppy

Porcelain poppy. Greenware.

Porcelain daisy

Before firing

Black porcelain
Ceramic flower chrysanthemum
Сeramic water flowers

Black porcelain

Ceramic wall piece

Porcelain flowers for wall or table decor

Porcelain flowers

Porcelain flowers for wall or table decor

Ceramic greenware lotuses

Ceramic greenware lotuses

kiln, ceramic

In the kiln, before firing

Gold glazing

Gold glazing, working progress

Porcelain lotuses.

For the big order

Ceramic lily

Porcelain lily

ceramic stamp

Handmade ceramic moulds

Ceramic rose

Porcelain rose. Сrashed during firing

Porcelain chrysanthemum

Ceramic chrysanthemum. Drying porcelain stage

Porcelain chrysanthemum making

Creation porcelain chrysanthemum.

Ceramic chrysanthemum

Porcelain chrysanthemum. Drying porcelain stage

Ceramic porcelain bell


Making ceramic flower
Ceramic glazing progress
Creation ceramic flowers
Ceramic vase, bowl

Drying process

Cabbage moulds

Cabbage texture

Ceramic bell Lotus
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