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" I use well-known brands of white, translucent, black porcelain which is ideal for very delicate and detailed work. Porcelain from England, France, Germany, Spain, Australia - Limoges, Parian Body, Bone China, Witgert, Southern Ice, Black Ice, Earthstone professional "  

Exclusive porcelain flower magnolia
Porcelain is unique, most expensive and precious type of ceramic.


It keeps ancient traditions and values, sometimes people call it white gold. For long time porcelain was an available only to royals.    

Thanks to special composition, it has absolutely different density, whiteness, light transmission, and does not get old with centuries, compare to other types of ceramics. Porcelain products suite to any type of interior and can be inherited.

If you tap it with wooden stick or tap each other, it makes clear, sonorous melodic sound (YouTube)

In order to gain these qualities, porcelain should be fired with high temperatures in several stages compare to other types of ceramic products.


It is more complicated to work with porcelain than with other types of clay. It has very little natural plasticity, very fragile and crumbly in raw and dried condition. One small incorrect move of master can destroy the product completely, and it has to be created again.


It becomes even more complicated when the products are more delicate for example flowers or sculpture.

Product can lose the form, crack or even explode during firing due to high temperatures. 

The production time of one small but exclusive porcelain products can even exceed 2 weeks or take months.


The process is very complicated and has many stages; it requires fine and delicate skills, accuracy, high concentration and tranquility. 

Porcelain handmade products cannot be cheap, because result comes only with masters’ persistence, patience, hard mental and physical work, and high costs of materials, instruments, equipment, electricity and other types of fuel for kiln.




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