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Handcrafted porcelain pieces are
unique objets d'art
Anri Irene
From the Author:

"... Despite the education and activities variety, art always occupies a central place in my soul. 

The knowledge I again during these years is very useful, it perfectly complements each other and helps to express and realize art ideas in my works.

I get the inspiration and art potential from my life, and my family and the loved ones always support me.

I do not like monotony and typical standard things, therefore all my works differ from each other and completely handmade. I have my special approach towards each new sculpture charged with enthusiasm, love and great mood…"


More about myself :

in an interview with a HocToc art-magazine is a publication of VCV ARTHOUSE Corp.: Welcome to the world of porcelain, grace & elegance... by Anri Irene ceramics

in a CAT BLANCHE art-gallery: 

The Fragility of the Form… 

You can check the creation process of handmade sculptures here in gallery …. "WORK IN PROGRESS" 


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Porcelain flower sculpture
I don't produce, I create...
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